August 2, 2019
The Thomas Family Reunion has been CANCELLED!!!

This family reunion affords us another opportunity as a family to get together, to grow together, to love together, to share together, to look back together, to look at our present together, and to look forward together.
*************************FAMILY HISTORY***************************

Henry Thomas. According to his death certificate, he was born on April 20, 1878 to Issac Thomas and Amy Hall in Newport News Va.
Issac Thomas was born October 8, 1855 in the Isle of Wight County, VA His father was Julius Thomas a white man who owned his mother Irena.  Julius Thomas gave Issac a birth certificate with is last name.  During that period, Blacks did not have a last name.  Irena was a slave; (No further information was found for her.)  
In 1900 Henry Thomas was John Henry Thomas married Virginia Queenie Thomas who was born 1878 in Norfolk Va.   From that marriage they had five children Herman born June 27, 1900 or 1899, Lloyd, born October 14, 1902, Clarice born August 4, 1904, Amy born July 14, 1906, Henrietta born 1911 and Mildred born May 23, 1914.  They were all born in Norfolk Va.  Virginia (Queenie) Thomas died 1915. Queenie’s parents Joseph Wright born 1850 and Clarissy Wright born 1845.  They were born in Virginia during slavery.  Henry remarried to Ethel Jones.  They were married for 25 years until she divorced him on 5/27/1942.

Henry Thomas lived his entire life in Norfolk Va.  He built his own home and had his own business.  He was an oysterman and owned many boats.  He kept his property and yard very nice.  Later he worked for the Coal Pier for many years.  He was a Deacon at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and we all had to attend that church.  He was not educated but all children were educated.

Next summer marks the 1st offical annual family reunion, which will be held in Norfolk, Virginia.  Join us to meet members of our family that we have never met before and those we had not seen in upteen years.  How blessed we are as a family to have the opportunity to be a part  of this experience.  These memories will certainly stay with us for years to come.

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